Pollution Monitoring Equipment

Datatest offers a full line of monitoring instrumentation — Opacity, oxygen and flue gas systems. Our systems are used in coal, oil and gas fired utilities, chemical plants, oil refineries, incinerators and more. Our equipment meets or exceeds all applicable EPA requirements. We can provide instruments strictly for combustion control or for EPA compliance, including the Data Acquisition System for reporting and storage of the required data.

Particulate Monitoring Equipment: includes the 201LP, DT109D, DT109S and DT1000. These monitors can be used for broken bag detection (201LP), noncompliance monitoring or good neighbor applications (109D or 109S Opacity Monitors) and EPA compliance to the latest standards (DT1000).

Combustion Monitoring Equipment: includes the DT3000, DT3006 and DT3008. These monitors can be used as stand alone or for connection to a boiler control system. They are used for efficiency and/or safety.